A proposal for a potential Mount Ida College magazine. Mighty is a student driven publication issued each semester on the Mount Ida College campus with the goal of creating a space for students across all schools of discipline to come together. The content would consist of a combination of top articles favored by administration (stories that showcase the school, student achievement, notable guest visitors), as well as original student content ranging anywhere from writing pieces, to photo series, to student work submissions. Mighty is an effort to combine the wildly different styles of old-style magazine covers (by designers such as Alexey Brodovitch and Cipe Pineles) with the community collaborative and self-made aspects of a fanzine. Each semester, a student from the School of Design will be appointed creative director of the magazine, in charge of selecting a lead cover story put out by the administration, and create an original concept for that issue’s theme. All aspects of the cover, including the magazine’s logo, can completely change based on the lead designer. This unique design convention continues on the inside front cover and table of contents spread, which will include a letter from the creative director explaining the theme and how it supports the cover story. The design convention will be encapsulated in the cover story spread. All other articles and content within the magazine will follow a different type convention, consistent across all issues.

Take, for example, the proposed concept for issue one. The lead story is one that centers around the evolution of Mount Ida College and the constructivist design convention is meant to represent the various developing pieces of the school. The convention carries through to the first interior spread. However, the included article spread showcases what the standard design convention of the magazine looks like, across all issues. The second cover story is about community involvement and the design reflects all Mount Ida College student’s coming together to change the world around them. The interior design convention is noticeably different, as, hypothetically, a different design student would be art directing the issue.