Visually interpret a piece of music of your choice. Songs with dramatic shifts in tone are preferred. Deliverable must be a long continuous scroll and a web ready component. No readily recognizable imagery is allowed. I chose to synthesize Lorde's sophomore album "Melodrama" into an original art piece. Inspired by the unique mashup that is "Hard Feelings/Loveless" my scroll contains a fluctuating pattern that reflects a heartbeat throughout the song: from the even, measured, rhythmic bass of Hard Feelings, reflecting on past love, to the fiery, spiteful tone of Loveless. The pattern is adorned with broken up, stylized pieces of an Adidas shoe: an integral symbol of "Melodrama" . The pieces are tied together with a negative image of cassette tape, which can also be read as a shoelace. Both the final printed scroll (measuring at 18" x 72"), and the accompanying short film are 3-D. For best results, view with red/blue 3-D glasses. All imagery is original.